Getting Better With Age and A Whole Lot of Continuous Education

Construction Leadership Network

Diversity is paramount in an ever-changing industry and our company is fortunate to have the best of both worlds. J.A. Wagner Construction is a blend of young, ambitious builders and those with more experience who have “seen and done it all.” Not only does our company have some of the most experienced project managers who have helped grow our community since 1972, but we’ve ushered in a new era of team members who bring to the company the latest in building technology and advancement in skills.We enjoy bridging the gap and learning from each other.

A sure recipe for continued success is our lifelong passion for learning. How do we do it?

We have positioned our company for continuous improvement; constantly looking for opportunities to make ourselves better as individuals and as a team. Our projects are second to none, and we are proud of the work we do. Part of that success is credited to personal commitment of our team, but the other part is the continuing education that our team pursues. Professional development along with simply meeting with and talking to our peers—on the local, national and international stage—bring a wealth of knowledge to our company. How do we continue to improve? We learn! We seek knowledge and bring it back to our Elkhart community.

Recently our team members have attended training, conferences and workshops in Indianapolis, Kansas City, Napa Valley, Scottsdale and Dallas. J.A. Wagner recently became an inaugural member of The Construction Leadership Network. This organization was formed on the principal of bringing together top construction entrepreneurs and key personnel to exchange ideas and share best practices to improve the industry and, specifically, our companies.

Bi-annual meetings are held where we have the opportunity to exchange information, share both successes and lessons learned, and form lifelong relationships with like-minded construction professionals. We are able to bring key employees from all levels of our operation to learn from industry experts, network with our peers and focus on continuous improvement. We leave with tools to improve best practices and implement new initiatives without having to reinvent the wheel. More importantly, we are able to learn from others’ mistakes and, at the same time, adopt new ideas, techniques and principles that will benefit our clients.

You can be sure that whether your new project has a goal of energy efficiency, is time sensitive or budget driven, we have shared with the best in the industry to bring as much knowledge as possible to your project.

In addition, our team members hold various higher education degrees and certifications such as Building Construction Management, Civil and Professional Engineering, LEED certifications and more. We believe that building you the best building requires that we use our continuous improvement model to always be learners in an ever-changing industry.


Since 1972, J.A. Wagner has been committed to a single goal: total customer satisfaction. It is our aim, with every project, to provide our client with a full view of every facet of their building’s construction process.

Over the past 44 years, we have constructed millions of square feet for hundreds of satisfied customers. This satisfaction stems from our ability to provide a conclusive plan—from start to finish—that results in completed projects on time and within budget.

Our work can be found throughout the United States. Projects in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Tennessee, Florida, Utah and Texas illustrate the confidence clients have placed in us to construct their facilities. Our cost-effectiveness and ease to work with are primary reasons clients have chosen J.A. Wagner for their projects over the services of local builders in these regions.

We understand that a complex construction project can be viewed as an overwhelming endeavor for our customers, but we offer the guidance, the information and the confidence to make for a smooth process and successful completion. Working together as a team, we strive to guide our clients through the construction process. We take great pride in our craft and we believe it shows. With an impressive number of repeat customers, we also believe this pride translates directly into total satisfaction….every time…for every customer.

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