Here Comes the Rain: Are You Looking for Sturdy and Affordable Reroofing Options?

Low Profile Metal over Metal

Butler Manufacturing’s Low Profile Metal Over Metal Reroof System is the ideal reroof solution for low slope metal roofs. Panels are permanently seamed together with a full 360 degree Pittsburgh double lock seam to assure weather-tightness and long-term performance with minimal maintenance expense.

With the arrival of spring comes rain. It’s nature’s way of nourishing new growth. It’s also the way many manufacturers and commercial businesses discover new roof leaks.

J.A. Wagner has years of experience in new, replacement, and retrofit roofing options. One product line we routinely recommend for roof repair comes from Butler® Manufacturing. Butler’s Reroof Systems are affordable options for replacing leaky roofs with long-term, weathertight solutions.

A Bounty of Benefits

The benefits? As an award-winning Butler building partner, J.A. Wagner is very familiar with the advantages of the company’s roofing systems and have employed them on many projects throughout Michiana.

For starters, the reroofing systems—which include the Low-Profile Metal-Over-Metal System; the High-Profile Metal-Over-Metal System; and a Slope Build-up Framing System—can, in the majority of cases, be installed directly over an existing built-up, single-ply, or metal roof. That eliminates tear-off costs (which can be substantial) and minimizes disruption to daily operations (which can also be substantial for tear-off projects). The eco-benefits are obvious: no truckloads of old roofing having to be hauled to the local landfill.

Because of their design flexibility, these roofing systems integrate seamlessly with existing structures. Even exterior aesthetics can be maintained—or even improved—due to a wide variety of color options, including energy efficient “cool colors” that deflect rather than absorb heat. Another big benefit? These systems have documented performance lifecycles of 40 or more years.

Fixing the “Flat Roof Problem”

Retrofitting a roof can solve the perennial problem of flat roofs: ponding and water build-up. Flat roofs often leak. Water collects, putting structure components and building contents at risk. The Butler Slope Build-Up system can permanently add slopes of up to 30 degrees (from seven to 12 inches), allowing buildings to quickly and efficiently shed ponding water that can damage roofs. Flexible design options, affordability, weather-tightness, long-term performance, minimal maintenance expense: these are all advantages of Butler roofing retrofit solutions.

J.A. Wagner Construction not only has years of experience working with companies to protect and enhance their facilities, but can also help you explore ways to receive a sizable deduction to help defray the cost of a reroof.

Goodbye Leaks, Hello Light!

Another advantage of the Butler approach to roofing retrofits is the option of benefiting from “day lighting.”

Daylighting is the practice of strategically placing windows or other openings and/or reflective surfaces, allowing daytime natural light to provide effective internal lighting. Daylighting retrofits are also possible in existing pre-engineered steel buildings, enhancing working conditions while substantially lowering energy costs.

Many professional organizations, including the American Institute of Architects, has cited daylighting as one of the top nonresidential construction trends for the next decade.

Butler’s SunLite system for daylighting existing structures has even allowed many companies—depending on the time of year—to operate buildings for most of the day without any supplemental artificial lighting. Click here to see how daylighting saves money.


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