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Vintage Trailers Ltd.

Location: Elkhart, Indiana
Architectural Design: J.A. Wagner Construction, Inc.
Project Scope: Warehouse and production addition

Vintage Trailers has two existing buildings on their site which include office space, trailer fabrication, and a welding and paint shop. Warehouse space and their custom option production line was housed in rental buildings off-site. The J.A. Wagner team constructed a 12,000-square-foot stand-alone building to bring all of Vintage Trailers’ operations to one location, allowing for increased production and efficiency. Multiple 50 amp twist lock receptacles were installed around the building for the final phase of testing the trailers. The building also features 80-foot clear spans and LED lighting for uninterrupted production space.

One of the existing buildings was served with an overhead electric line, which made this project challenging. The electrical pole and incoming line was within the footprint of the new building. Electrical service at the power pole needed to be upgraded and the existing buildings served underground by directional boring and new incoming wire. Once this electrical feed was relocated, construction could commence.

Vintage Trailers partnered with J.A. Wagner Construction in the mid-80s for the construction of their two existing buildings. At the time, J.A. Wagner’s Steve Harman worked with Bob Stone of Vintage Trailers. More than 20 years later, Steve’s son Tony Harman and Bob’s son Troy Stone continued the business relationship with a successful 2018 building project.

“Since 1983, we have relied on J.A. Wagner for all our construction needs and they have exceeded our wildest expectations. Every project has been done on time and within budget! This year marked the second generation of both of our families working together and it was a pleasure to see that J.A. Wagner still holds true to all the same core values that we hold dearly after 35 years. Truth, Honesty, Integrity, Quality, Value, and Service are more than just words to everyone at J.A. Wagner. It is how they do business.”
TROY STONE, President - Vintage Trailers Ltd.

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